Thursday, December 2, 2010

D-D-D-Dating :)

Last night I went on a date....well it was more like one of those:

Guy: Hey, let's hang out!
Me: Sure, sounds like fun!
Guy and Me: Oh man, we need to come up with something to do quick!

5 Minutes Later....
*Insert fun, creative (definitely somewhat pre-planned and totally paid for by the guy), paired off, get-to-know-you activity here*

Guy sends text: Thank you so much for "hanging out." It was fun. We should do it again.
Me thinking to myself: Whatever, that was such a date. hehe :)

Now, last night I have to give props to the guy on how creative our date was. We went to Walmart where we both were in strict competition to find the "craziest person shopping"....because let's face it....the clientele at Walmart is often a little "special."

After being a slightly disappointed at the normalcy of our fellow shoppers, my date (I'll respectfully refer to him as Ferdinand for the rest of the blog) identified a man clearly talking to himself and won our little competition hands down. Ferdinand then instructed me to pick a department. I chose toys.

Upon approaching the toy section, he picked a random aisle. He then told me that we needed to pick something on that aisle to do for the rest of the night. Buying a 100 piece puzzle was pretty much our only option on that aisle, but to make a long story short we decided to bake and decorate a cake instead (after giving some serious thought to alternatively purchasing a bead-dazzler).

Excitedly, we bought some candy and sprinkles for our soon-to-be cake masterpiece and headed back to Ferdinand's place. We put our plan in action, the cake turned out adorable, and I was out the door at a little before midnight (I think the BYU Honor Code will haunt me 'til the day I die...or just get married. haha)

Upon arriving home, I got to thinking about creative dating. I've had guy friends who have told me that planning what to do on a date is one of the hardest parts. I believe them. Just for kicks, I thought I'd try to remember some of the most creative dates I've been on:

1. One time, I was stuck at home. My date ordered takeout at one of my favorite restaurants and brought it over with a selection of movies. We ate food, popped in a movie, and then he surprised me with an assortment of mini Haagen Daaz and Ben & Jerry's ice creams that he had sneaked into my freezer ranging from fruit sorbet to chocolatey goodness.

2. Another time, I went on a double date in which we ate at a cheap fast food joint, but the boys brought candles from home in which they lit at our booth. It made for one very cheezy but cute hamburger and french fry candle lit dinner. Afterward, we went ice skating.

3. A couple of times I have gone to Ikea with a date and tested out couches and walked around. Cheap and fun.

4. I can't remember what the main activity of this date was, but I do remember at one point super gluing a quarter to the sidewalk of a busy public place, sitting on a bench nearby, and having a blast watching people try to pick the quarter up.

5. Around Christmas a few years ago, my date and I went shopping for Christmas craft supplies for a local children's hospital. We then went back to his place and made finished examples of the crafts to go with the supplies for him to take to the hospital the next day for the children.

6. I've been on a few dates in which we spent half a day roaming around a local Saturday markets or free event.

7. One time, I went on a double date in which we made homemade pizza and then played games.

8. Another fun time (I felt bad because this one was a little bit more spendy though), I went to a place called Color-Me-Mine which is where you pick out a piece of pottery (cup, plate, mug, bowl, vase, etc) and paint it anyway you want. Then, you come back a few days later once they've fired your pottery and glazed it.

9. I've been on dates to rock wall gyms and actual outdoor rock climbing. I thought they were fun because it was a bit out of the ordinary.

10. Went on a group date to a old-school roller rink. Even though most of the people there were under the age of 16, it was still a blast.

11. I went on a breakfast date and afterward we played a version of frisbee golf in a nearby park.

Anyway, cheers to dating! :) May it all come to a happy end someday for all of us. 'Til then, can I get yer number? ;)

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