Saturday, November 14, 2009


Blue Scooter Dress

Vintage 80s Tweed Pom Poms Pocket Dress

Vintage Plaid Everyday Dress

Vintage 1960s Pat Sandler Embroidered Silk Sheer Victorian Beaded Dress

1970's Vintage Peri Blue Calico Print Dress

Vintage Confetti Striped Sweater

Lovely 1960s Style Winter Dress

Blue A-Line Button Up Dolly Dress

Vintage Scarlet Red Cape Jacket with Gold Latch Buttons and Pockets

Migonne Lace Wedding Dress

Vintage 80's Pleated Stripe Rayon Skirt

Vintage 1980's Rosette Cotton Wool Sweater

Vintage 70s Purple and Pink Diagonal Stripe Day Dress

1970s Slouchy Cardigan Taupe Grey

1960's Floral Polka Dotted Pinafore

1950s Native American Style Skirt and Blouse Set

Fabulous finds from my new favorite website :) Thanks Sloane! :)

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  1. OH WOW!! What site is this? I love all these pictures...what fabulous style! :)