Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We Really are Just a Bunch of Granolas

It happened. Last night. 1pm. My roommate saw a fuzzy thing scurry across our living room. A mouse. Holy crud. That's what dad's are for....but mine is hundreds of miles away.

So, we have a critical situation on our hands. We have to get rid of it, but naturally...we're a bunch of girls who wince at the thought of harming it but also wince at the thought of it crawling around in our house. What do we do? Create a contraption to catch it, but not kill it. We're putting it out tonight. Let's hope it works :)


  1. Cory says if you're going to handle the mouse to watch out for hantavirus which is found in wild mice and rats. But lysol kills the virus so just spray everything it touches with it including your hands and especially anywhere it poo-pooed or pee-peed (his words not mine). I hope that didn't freak you out too much and good luck!!

  2. Oh my goodness!! That's crazy!! If you need help catching it, let me know!

    p.s. Totally awesome contraption by the way!! I hope it works, that would be so great!